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Architect: Steven Van Dooren Lighting Design: ZZIP Photographer: Cafeine

About ZZIP


More than 15 years of experience

ZZIP, founded in 2006 gives interiors a new light of life. Light, in perfect harmony with aesthetics and technological ingenuity. ZZIP consists of a dynamic and driven team and has an impressive portfolio of prestigious lighting and interior design projects - all reflecting our creativity. With us, light is elevated to art.

You can count on us for innovative, energy-efficient and high-quality lighting solutions. The right light for every mood. The right design for every interior. We think with you and beyond. Together, we will make your interior unique.

ZZIP creates lighting solutions for private residences, offices, retail and hospitality industry. 


ZZIP translates your wishes into an experience of light and functionality. You can rely on us for personal and targeted advice - perfectly tailored to you and your interior. We design an extensive, clear and unique lighting plan for every space, for both private persons and professionals. There are endless possibilities and we are happy to discuss them with you.

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